download, modern Songs for Funerals 
MODERN and Classic -- Pop, Rock, Country, Gospel, & Folk memorial service and funeral Songs, 
in alphabetical order by Artist Last Name. 
Click the picture and Listen to a demo before You Download to make a modern Memorial CD.

                                                     Funeral Songs for an INFANT:    

Funeral Songs for a KID (child):

Consider using during a Balloon Release  --

                                                                  Funeral Songs for a TEEN:

                                                 Funeral Songs for Young Adults:

Unusual Funeral Song Possibilities:  

(unusual personality) 
Black Butterfly
(suicide victim)  One Day I'll Fly Away
(suicide victim)  Corner Of The Sky (Pippin/1972 Original Broadway Cast/Remastered)
(various circumstances) I Believe I Can Fly (Album/LP Version)
(unfortunate circumstance)  Life Ain't Always Beautiful
(child suffering ends)     "Come Little Children"
(romantic dedication)  Forever And AlwaysHow Do I Breathe
(romantic dedication)  I Knew I Loved You
(romantic dedication)  God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You
(romantic dedication)  I'll See You Again
(romantic dedication)  Broken
(romantic dedication)  "No more You"
(friend/family dedication)  Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera) (feat. Edgardo Rivera Torres)
(friend/family dedication)    Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
(dedicated to Dad)  You Can Let Go Now Daddy.
(dedicated to  Dad)  Dance With My Father (Album Version and Radio Version)  and  Dance With My Father
(dedicated to Mom) Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) [In The Style Of Céline Dion] {Performance Track with Demonstration Vocals}
(dedicated to Mom)  I'll Always Love My Mama
(dedicated to GraMa/Nanna)  Slipped Away
                                                                                                   Our Funeral Song of the Year to date:


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